Key Stage 1


 Autumn Term 2018 – 1st Half

We would like to welcome the children back to the beginning of another fun packed year! We hope the children will enjoy their new classes and the opportunities we have planned for them. In Science our topic for this half term is ‘Animals including Humans’. We will be looking at how animals, including humans, grow and change. We will be naming animals and their young and grouping them according to observable features. We will explore what all living things need to survive and will be thinking about how to stay fit and healthy. In History we will be learning about famous people such as Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale. We will find out about how they have contributed to international achievements. In Art we will be focusing on portraits and looking at those by famous artists. We will use their techniques to create our own. In PE we  will be developing skills related to playing games such as rolling, throwing and defending. In RE we will be thinking about Judaism and why learning to do good deeds is so important to the Jewish community. In English we will be looking at different genres of writing for example traditional tales, poetry and stories with repeated refrains  and using the features of these in our own writing.  In Music we will be developing our singing skills through learning new songs linked to our topics. We will practise transferring rhythms onto percussion instruments.  We will be continuing our Active Maths sessions and using the outdoor environment (including Forest Schools). British Values and PSHE continue to be at the heart of our curriculum and we will be working together  to inspire, encourage and believe  in ourselves and each other.

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