Wood Ley School works in collaboration with six other local primary schools.   The following principles have been adopted by all Headteachers in the Partnership.  These underpin all collaborative working, irrespective of school phase or focus:

  • Recognition of existing strengths, developments and interests;
  • Commitment to collaboration and support;
  • Open access to data and information;
  • Assurance of confidentiality and trust between partners;
  • High expectations for all and a willingness to embrace innovation and take risks in the interests of young people;
  • Corporate accountability and responsibility;
  • Commitment to the principles of best-value.

Current projects include an Able Writers Programme, Teaching Assistant Training and Promotion of Feedback to children about their learning.

Wood Ley School belongs to the Gipping Valley and Thurston Sports Partnership and works closely with Stowmarket High School to enhance sporting opportunities for our children.

Wood Ley School is embracing the Be the Best You Can Be, Olympic legacy initiative, together with our local Family of Schools – Chilton and Abbot’s Hall Primary Schools.

The School works closely with Suffolk Young Carers.  Please find information below:

Suffolk Young Carers