“If you dream and are willing to work hard, you can achieve your dreams.” Mo Farah

P.E. at Wood Ley

Keeping active is vital for health and happiness in life. We, at Wood Ley, deliver a high-quality curriculum and aim to inspire all pupils to succeed and seek further opportunities to progress in sport. As well as signposting our young athletes towards competitions, we embed our school values, such as cooperation and kindness. We believe that this will help shape them into well rounded people.

Not only do we take pride of our P.E. Lessons we work together as a team to provide as many opportunities as possible. We regularly incorporate physical activity in other areas of our curriculum for example forest schools, active Maths and English.

We also promote more active play at break times by each class having access to equipment boxes. Inside there are balls, hula-hoops and much more that children can use to be just that little bit more active. Some of our lunchtime supervisors are trained playleaders and they set up and run lunchtime activities on the playground and field.

Our community

Wood Ley work closely with the Gipping Valley and Thurston School Sports Partnership team. They offer an extensive and broad competition programme that are inclusive for all children. They also bolster to our wide curriculum by giving us access to coaches, who can deliver clubs and workshops. 

A recent government action plan states that “Children need to have opportunity to access 60 minutes of daily sport and physical activity” It is important to work together and use all recourses available to reach the best outcome, therefore we would like to direct you to some of the local clubs that can increase the amount of physical activity. Due to current national circumstances some clubs and may not be running or at a limited capacity.






Roller skating