Key Stage 2



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 Upper Key Stage 2

The children will be learning about North and South America this term. A South American dance group will be teaching the children an exciting carnival dance and the KS2 teachers have planned an engaging dance unit around the animation ‘Rio’. In art, the children will be constructing totem poles and designing spiritual motifs. The children will be have to imagine that they are trapped in the Amazon rainforest and will have to conduct experiments to ensure that they survive. These experiments include determining which colour is most appropriate during hot conditions, investigating dart shapes, raft shapes and finding a sustainable fuel for powering a boat. In Geography, the children will be learning about longituide and latitude, globalization, map reading and will be visited by South American animals. In music, the children will be performing samba drumming.







Lower Key Stage 2

In Lower Key Stage 2 this term for Summer 2017 we are studying the topic of the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings, including the legend of Beowulf. Art will include weaving and jewellery making. In Science we will be carrying out investigations and fair tests. PE will include Pentathlon, Outdoor Orienteering, and Athletics. In RE, we will be starting the Summer Term with a study of Judaism and continue to learn how people are motivated by their beliefs.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon village 2.jpg