Foundation Stage

Holly and Willow Classes

Summer Term 2023 

This term we have began by talking about our interests and we shared ideas about what we wanted to be when we grew up. We looked at some great books such as “Clive is a Nurse” and “Dream Big Little Leader” and this inspired some of our discussions. We have shared videos on Do Jo of us talking about jobs we might like to do. The fire brigade and police service have both visited us this term and we have loved talking to them and seeing their vehicles.

We will also be looking at Kings, Queens and Castles as a topic – especially with the upcoming Coronation in May. We currently have a role-play castle in our Foundation Garden and we have enjoyed looking at some non-fiction books, learning about castles.  We learnt some new vocabulary such as battlements, moat and enemy. We even created some lovely artistic drawings of a castle. We are all looking forward to joining the whole school for our special coronation party lunch.

Later this half term we will be reading and sharing the stories “The Enormous Turnip”, “Whatever Next” and “Look Up”. We are looking forward to re-telling the stories, acting them out and writing captions/sentences about them.

We continue to have daily phonics lessons where we are learning longer words now, as well as embedding reading and writing words with the Phase 3 sounds in them. As the term progresses we move onto CVCC and CCVC words.

 The children are getting really confident now at blending and segmenting – we are super impressed with how hard they are working!

Each Friday we have been going to the hall for our PE lesson. We began the term with a focus on gymnastics and used the benches and ‘A frame’. We will then move onto games as a focus for PE and work out on the field. We will look forward to having a special sports activity workshop with our parents later in the term.

In our maths sessions this term we have been busy talking about adding and taking away -using various songs, games and activities to support our development of these skills. We are focussing on parts and wholes of numbers – developing our understanding of bonds to 5 and doubling numbers. We continue to embed one more/ one less as well as comparing numbers – more, less, fewer, equal.

This is the link the Little Wandle parents page on the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds website. On this website you can see the sounds that we cover, as well as some videos talking about blending and tricky words. 

We are busy practising reading tricky words and writing them too. We have weekly spellings this term and have been sending them home to parents so the children can practise at home. We are super proud of all the Holly and Willow children and how hard they are working. 

The Foundation Stage Team