Foundation Stage

Holly and Willow Classes

Spring Term 2024 

We have an exciting Spring term planned.

We will be exploring the following books and topics:

Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake.

Bikes old and new.

Recycling topic – how and what do we recycle. Looking after our planet.

The Train Ride by June Crebbin.

Amelia Earhart – planes and flight.

This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo art work.

We also have a balance bikes session booked as part of our PE this term.

Next half term (Spring 2) we will look at:

Pets – we will have some visiting pets, & talk about how to care for pets.

Chinese New Year – learning a dance in PE.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell –  we will read and share this book – talking about zoo animals, and animals around the world.

Little Red Hen – we will make bread, write a recipe and talk about sequencing and re-telling the story.

Other exciting things we will be learning about or experiencing will be…..Ramadan, Holi, Mothers Day, Easter, pancake day and celebrating 100 day!

We are busy counting the days of school and our 100th day of school falls in this term – we are excited about celebrating this.

Maths: Our maths in the first half term focusses on embedding our understanding to 5 – being about to talk about one more, one less as well as parts of 5. We also continue to practise and enhance our subitising skills as well as learning the bonds to 5 and 10 off by heart. We like to use Numicon to help us with our maths, as well as physical counters, toys and games. We then move on to working with numbers 6-10 and talk about ways to combine and group numbers….”parts of 7”…”how can we represent 7?”. 

We also cover doubles, length, height, capacity, odd and even numbers, 3D shapes and patterns. We are busy mathematicians!  

We take part in our Little Wandle Phonics sessions every day and we are growing in confidence with our sounding out and blending. We are beginning to read words independently. We are now focussing on words with digraphs and trigraphs in them.

This is the link the Little Wandle parents page on the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds website. On this website you can see the sounds that we cover, as well as some videos talking about blending and tricky words.


We are busy practising reading tricky words and writing them too. We have weekly spellings this term and have been sending them home to parents so the children can practise at home. We are super proud of all the Holly and Willow children and how hard they are working.

The Foundation Stage Team