PE Grant Funding

The Government is providing additional funding  to improve provision of P.E. and Sport in Primary Schools. Schools must spend the money on improving their provision in this area but have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Within our school we have an Action Plan outlining how we wish to use the money under the following Key Priority headings:

To raise the standards of high quality P.E. lessons across the school

To increase children’s participation in sport during lunch times and after school clubs

To improve P.E. assessment procedures throughout the school

To increase the participation of children in Inter and Intra sport competitions

To improve the provision and opportunities for PE and sporting clubs in Years 5 and 6

The actions, strategies and budget for each priority heading is recorded on the Action Plan.

Below is a breakdown of pupil premium and P.E. and Sport funding for our school.

Evidencing PE Funding 2022-2023

PE Grant Funding 2023-2024

  • With the additional funding provided  the children at Wood Ley now have a wider range of activities within their PE lessons including new challenging games like tchukeball and archery. These activities have enhanced enjoyment levels within Key Stage 2, as they have been able to consolidate and improve their skills within varied activities.
  • We have zoned the playground and trained young leaders to run activities at lunch times. Year 6 have had further training this year to further develop their leadership skills.
  • Mid Day supervisors have had additional training as play leaders to support active lunch sessions, a storage container full of equipment has been purchased to enhance active break times.
  • We have been involved in lots of competitions and have achieved very well, we have an impressive sports awards display in the school atrium, celebrating our successes.
  • We have developed our own assessment grids linked to the National Curriculum. This will help us to track the development and progress of focus children from Key Stage 1-Upper Key Stage 2. This will also help us to identify areas that may need developing.
  • The staff have had 3 gymnastics training sessions. All staff reported that they now feel more confident when teaching gymnastics and now understand how to extend all children in the class, including those who attend gymnastics clubs.
  • Dance coaches have supported Lower Key Stage 2 with teaching dance, which was an area that teachers felt needed developing. The teachers initially had the opportunity to watch the sessions and then were involved in team teaching with the dance coach to enhance their delivery within dance sessions.
  • We now have more sports clubs running after school, providing more children with the chance to be active during their after school clubs. (These are provided by the partnership and teaching staff within our school).
  • We have taken the children to the Pipers Vale Gymnastics Centre so that they could experience a range of different sporting activities with specialist equipment and coaches.
  • During the summer term we run an active week which involves taster sessions in various activities such as yoga, rock climbing, circus skills and dance sessions for children to experience across the school.
  • We use the leisure centre to teach some of our Upper Key Stage 2 PE lessons.

We look forward to offering sustained improvement in the provision of P.E. and Sport at Wood Ley Community Primary School.